3D Quilling—–Kitchen

Paer strips are 0.5mm-1.0mm.

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A World of Love (Quilled Frame)

It is the fruit of the past month.

Love is the most beautiful gift from God!


To love and be loved; the surroundings will be full of beauty, magic, peace and joy.

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When you are with your beloved one, you are in a world of love. Just listen: the birds are singing a beautiful love song.



My little sweet bird singing…



Preparing for dinner

It is for ‘Quilled Fruit and Vegetables’ challenge of Quilling Guild. The Event page at: https://www.facebook.com/events/547789955304192/

The lady just came back from the supermarket. She is preparing for a good dinner!

01 02 vegetarian stew and seaweed salad03Chinese cooking spices: chilly, star anise and cinnamon 04 Mushrooms and peas05 Dry chilies 06 That’s how I was inspired201202071128475401Garlic chive07 Cauliflower 08 Corn and carrots091011Chairs were inspired by Claire’s beautiful quilling creations : http://blog.naver.com/PostThumbnailView.nhn?blogId=paper6262&logNo=60071939235&categoryNo=18&parentCategoryNo=18

Tutorials: How to make miniature carrot and corn  https://zeitunquilling.wordpress.com/2013/12/25/how-to-make-carrots-and-corn/