Filigree Tsekunova(Wood Filigree)


Does it look like paper filigree?

Actually, it’s made from variety of wood types: apple, cherry, plum, chestnut, alder, acacia, ash, hazel, buck thorn bush, red and lemon wood, ebony, rosewood, and many, many more wood types. This method of decorating received such titles as “The Belarusian filigree”, “Gomel filigree”,” sozh filigree”,” Filigree Tsekunova” or simply” Tsekunovka”. It was a forgetten ancient technique used in the XV century to adorn icons. Wood filigree master, Tsekunova Vladimir V.(19/07/1951-01/04/2008), revived this art, developed it and brought it back to life.

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When I play with tiny paper scrolls, my fingers are already sore. Thus, I really can’t imagine how the wonderful master carved the wood into thin strips and made them in such an amazing way.0405060708091011

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