How I started the journey of quilling

I had never considered that I would fall in love with handcraft things, such as paper quilling which requires lots of details and patience…As I am a kind of person who is impatient and always want to finish work quickly.

One day, when I browsed the web, my eyes were caught by beautiful framed flowers. After checking the details, I learned a new word which is quilling. At that time, I couldn’t believe that paper strips could be converted to such beautiful creations. As I like challenge and really wanted to learn how to play with the little tiny paper rolls, I decided to have a try. I learned everything by myself and created my own tools, such as a toothpick or slotted tool.Thus, I went on my journey of quilling and deeply fell in love with it! Quilling changed my life and it makes me ‘quiet’…

I don’t have any art background, all my creations were made by love and¬†enthusiasm. I enjoy every process, although it’s the combination of many hours of hard continuous work and tired eyes and fingers…

My goal is to pass happy time and bring enjoyment through my quilling creations.


My very first quilling creations