Hello, welcome to my blog! My name is Maria and I love life and quilling. I am also a member of UK Quilling Guild.

All content on this site belongs to Zeitunquilling.wordpress.com unless otherwise stated. The artwork is shared for your personal inspiration and enjoyment and may not be used for commercial purposes or any contest submission. Please give credit to this blog website.

My Etsy Shop:  ZeitunQuilling

My Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/li.ma.kamelboulos

My Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/likamelboulos/boards/



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Maria, i’ve really enjoyed visiting your blog just now – I had no idea that you were also a member of the Quilling Guild! I’m glad that you friended me on FB. Your quilling is lovely! hugs, Helen

  2. I’m wanting to learn the craft of quilling. How did you begin the craft? Can you suggest books, videos, websites,etc that may be helpful for me to learn? I’ve found a few kits of supplies online, would they be worth my investment. I’m assuming you are self taught. I’m wanting to do the same.

    • Thank you for the question.Yes, I learned quilling by myself, I just searched for free “QUILLING TUTORIALS” , the basic theory is the same, I mean how to make the coils, once you learned about it, the door is opened. I didn’t buy any ready kits, from my point of view, creativity and imagination is the key of quilling, so I’d not just use something which is ready for me, it’ll “block” my creativity and imagination and the sense of colour. As a beginner, it’s good to learn by copying masters, however, it’s also necessary to add your own ideas during the process, then you’d create your own step by step.

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