Tutorial of quilling basic shapes (part III)

Duck Foot

It is based on teardrop.

quillingbasic09 quillingbasic10

Example of using duck foot.


Holly Leaf

It is based on marquise.

quillingbasic39 quillingbasic40 quillingbasic41

Example of using holly leaf


(Picture from lauraquilling blog- by Laura)

Scrolled Heart

quillingbasic11 quillingbasic12

V Scroll

quillingbasic13 quillingbasic14

C Scroll

quillingbasic15 quillingbasic16

S Scroll

quillingbasic17 quillingbasic18

Example of using the above scrolls.


(Picture from All things paper- by Deb Mackes)

Same Side Scroll

quillingbasic19 quillingbasic20

Example of using same side scroll.



quillingbasic27 quillingbasic28 quillingbasic29

Example of using spiral.


Grape Roll

It is based on tight coil.

quillingbasic33 quillingbasic34quillingbasic35quillingbasic36

Example of using grape roll.


Tapered Roll

quillingbasic30 quillingbasic31 quillingbasic32 quillingbasic38


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